About Us

Bob Miller began to learn the craft of broom making over 30 years ago in the Appalachians. Carl Campbell of Mansfield, PA was his first teacher.  Bob was immediately drawn to this craft. Over the years he has since honed his skills and has been mentored by different skilled broommakers in North America. Bob now handcrafts his brooms in his broomshop in Kirkfield, Ontario. Bob's goal is to achieve a unique broom that is beautiful and is meant to be used. He takes great pride in crafting each broom with love and attention and providing a practical product of value to any home. 

At the Kawartha Broom Co. we make a special effort in trying to integrate broomcorn from local Ontario farmers. We are also now growing our own broomcorn to integrate into our products.




Bob Miller's grandfather Grant Miller of Long Island, NY inspired Bobby to try his hand in shoemaking. He has been repairing and making shoes and leather products for almost 40 years. For many years his keen interest was historical shoes, and he owned the Tioga Shoe Company in PA. He also demonstrated shoemaking at pioneer villages. For the past decade Bob has worked on leatherwork in Kirkfield and Woodville, Ont. Due to the COVID-19 Bobby has suspended repair services but offers an array of leathercraft and shoe repair products for diy at home crafters and people needing supplies. 



Kawartha Brooms can also be purchased through the Dufferin Grove Farmer Market online store and picked up on Thursdays at St Anne's on 270 Gladstone Ave in Toronto.